Flixel is a programming library that you can use within action script 3. it helps you create games for any device that can run flash code. these games can be packaged within adobe air and used on devices that support air such as android and ios.

if i have enough time i will be experimenting and creating a prototype game using Flixel and open source code that has been shared on the flixel forums and sites like gethub.

starting with a simple hello world tutorial i shall progress from there...
using the an online tutorial i have managed to create a simple and rubbish mobile aplication that does nothing but show a splash screen and then a hello world screen after that.

next i will shall look into coding for touch events within action script 3 and attempt something interactive...
this is what you can create using a tutorial to make a simple platformer using the flixel framework. its very basic with no music or sound effects. pictured above is how it comes i shall try to customize it by possibly making my own sprites to use as the main player (the red box) and create a narrative using cut scenes. click above to view the tutorial.
to the right is an interactive version of what i have created so far using the tutorial. since starting i have managed to create a new tilemap (wich is what the textures for the tiles are called) and imported them into the file and replaced the previous map. next up will be to make a sprite map for the player character into something that might look a little bit like me.
These are the tile sets i created , the top one is the player animations (idle, walking 1, walking 2, jump) using the built in animation class within flixel you can easily create animated sprites.

addAnimation("idle", [0], 0, false);
addAnimation("walk", [0, 1, 0, 2], 10, true);
addAnimation("jump", [1], 0, false);
addAnimation("hurt", [4], 0, false);

and the lower half is whats used for the map textures, i created the map using a tool built by one of the members of the flixel community. its called Dam and lets you paint down tiles from your tile map just like any graphic program like photoshop for example. i found it really simple to use and shall build on this. next thing i need to do is extend the level and give the level a goal and remove the remaining coins... (again you can play by clicking on the flash and using the arrow keys and space.)
Sfxr is a free tool i used to create retro like sound effects for this game, it allows you to change alot of settings in the instruments it provides. and also a preset randomizer on the left.
this came in very handy.
Attempting to make a virtual on screen controller for this platform project has taken longer than i thought.
finding a source code on gethub.com for virtual controlls i have managed to run it on my android device, i have run into the problem of trying to get it to work with my project thats built in flash builder 4.5 from flash professional...
As part of looking into the remix culture we where taught a workshop attempting to use final cut pro (superseeded by final cut pro x) alas all attempts at using this on the universities apple macintoshes failed. and i wasnt completly clear in how to pre render files. so i moved on to a platform im comfortable with under adobes software library.
Adobe Premiere allows you to import most movie formats and allows ram previews of your timeline. and easy use of effects. the workflow is arranged just like most of adobes other software packages so is alot easier than final cut to pick up and use.

in this workshop the group filmed various architecture so we could remix and colaberate together. but on the day we werent prepared for this so we didnt manage to share our content easily. so most of what i used is entirely my footage.
Here is your library with all the video files imported. you put them into the window to the right of it and select the in and out points of the video you want to transfer to the timeline.
Timeline gives you a visual representation of how your video/audio files are layered. also it can show effects and transititions. it allows you to zoom in and out etc.
this is your preview window it allows you to do a ram preview of your current timeline. and gives a one to one preview of what the final product will look like.
This is something i made on the day of the workshop using adobe premiere pro and adobe after effects. the main video section was completed in premiere pro and then imported into after effects to finalise the cut. added was a vignette and film grain and other various effects.
After experimenting in flash i have decided to take this into my final project. click here to continue.