About this website/sketchbook botchery:
This website is an online representation of what you would usually find inside one of my sketchbooks but presented in a more clean and simple way.
where i would usually cut and paste nice bits of information from a website i will do the same here by putting those paragraphs in Italics so you can clearly see what i havent written myself.

Anything in the research section is research for contribution towards the Essay and and Final Project. covering subjects such as interaction and tools you can use on the web.

Exploration will include any work i have done in workshops that i have managed to find the time to upload and put onto hotglue and also independent exploration and experimentation that i have done to help learn new skills towards producing my final ideas.

And in the Final Project section you will find all the ideas and prototypes towards my final idea. and maybe if your lucky a fully fleshed out product. please excuse the flash overlapping my layout but thats just how flash is.

well thats that. enjoy.
-Neil Huggett